signal/noise call 4 projects

Deadline Extended till Monday, January 23, 2017!!! Early submissions welcome.

Are you a student who has made excellent work for a FemTechNet DOCC, or affiliated course? Would you like to have your game, essay, video, or other work featured in signal/noise: collected student works from a feminist docc? Do you want to engage in a peer review process with students from other DOCCs?

Click here to see signal/noise Vol. 1.

This is an opportunity to share your work with FemTechNet, and to circulate your work to an audience beyond your own class. It’s also a chance to be part of a collected edition of student work from FemTechNet DOCC-affiliated courses and to make public the work done by students across the network.

To send your work for consideration to signal/noise, please use this form.

Please check out the signal/noise peer review process to get a sense of how contributors will read and respond to each other’s work.

For more details contact your FemTechNet DOCC instructor or email the signal/noise editorial team at

If you would like to participate in the journal process by being a student or faculty member of our editorial collective, please let us know! Please email with your name, email/contact info, and interests/expertise. DOCC faculty lead editors: Prof. Cricket Keating,  Prof. Heide Solbrig & Prof. T.L. Cowan.

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