get involved

FemTechNet is an always-shifting distributed network of feminist scholars, educators, artists and organizers working together on projects in feminist technological research, experimentation and innovation. We create resources and pedagogical tools for our open source “course” in Feminism and Technology studies (the DOCC project). In addition, our network fosters other art, activist, research and pedagogy projects in the area of feminism and technology. There are a number of ways to get involved in FemTechNet.

Steps you can take:

      • You may follow us on social media
      • You may sign up for our newsletter
      • You may peruse this reading list that Penny Boyer compiled from the course syllabi from 2013-14
      • You may want to listen in or join one of our committee meetings
      • You may join our Slack for internal conversations; to join, please email femtechnetinquiries AT gmail DOT com with “Slack” in the subject line and a sentence about how you are associated with the Network
      • Consider starting your own node, making it as modest or ambitious as you have time and energy

Other ideas? Please share. Questions? femtechnetinquiries AT gmail DOT com