DOCC 2016-2017

The DOCC 2016-2017 iteration spans from August of 2016 to June of 2017. These courses model collaboration as a feminist technology through a series of connected, open learning events that will allow participants to explore DOCC resources in conversation with other FemTechNet learners. If you would like to start your own node, please visit “how to get started.” For 2016-2017, the DOCC are being taught at these nodes below.



August – Dececmber 2016


Bowling Green State University

  • Instructor(s): Erika Behrmann
  • Course Title: Gender, Media, & Culture
  • Level: Undergraduate

Colby-Sawyer College

  • Instructor(s): Melissa Meade
  • Course Title: Gender, Culture and Technology
  • Level: Undergraduate; 12 students (mixed level)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Instructor(s): Karl Surkan
  • Course Title: Sexual and Gender Identities
  • Level: Undergraduate; 20 students

New Hampshire Art Institute

  • Instructor(s): Heide Solbrig
  • Course Title: Foundations in Art
  • Level: Undergraduate

OCAD University

  • Instructor(s): Maria Belén Ordóñez
  • Course Title: Dialogues in Feminism and Technology
  • Level: Graduate

Temple University

  • Instructor(s): Karl Surkan
  • Course Title: Sex/Gender/Film/History (Queer Cinema)
  • Level: Undergraduate

Texas A&M University

  • Instructor(s): Cara Wallis
  • Course Title: Collaborations in Feminism and Technology
  • Level: Senior level undergraduate; writing intensive, 21 students

The College of New Jersey

  • Instructor(s): Marla L. Jaksch
  • Course Title: Feminist Theories
  • Level: Undergraduate/graduate; 20 students & 2 masters-level students

University of Washington, Seattle

  • Instructor(s): Cricket Keating
  • Course Title: Feminism and Technology
  • Level: Undergraduate; 50 students

Yale University

  • Instructor(s): Laura Wexler, T.L. Cowan, and Trip Kirkpatrick
  • Course Title: Gender & Sexuality in Media and Popular Culture: Dialogues in Feminism & Technology
  • Level: Undergraduate



Previous iterations

For detailed nodal informations of the previous DOCC iterations, please visit the following pages.





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