One of the major outputs of FemTechNet is a variety of different kinds of publications.

Publications include:

  • In March 2020, members of the Collective wrote Feminist Pedagogy in a Time of Coronavirus Pandemic. We shared some of what we have learned from Distributed Open Collaborative Courses.
  • The Blog: The FemTechNet blog houses many of the ongoing conversations happening within the network. Blog posts have included reflections on the DOCC process, preliminary outcomes from grant work, and invited posts from friends of the network.
  • Books and Articles: Members of the network have written book chapters and articles about everything from the nature of the evolution the DOCC to the work processes of the network.
  • Media Mentions: FemTechNet has been talked about in the press for various projects and outcomes. Learn more on our media mentions page.
  • Critical Race and Ethnic Studies Workbook:┬áThe goal of the workbook is to produce a collection of freely shared and open materials to help new and returning FemTechNet DOCC (Distributed Open Collaborative Course) instructors in tackling the difficult job of teaching race, gender, and technology.

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