key learning projects

Since the launch of Distributed Open Collaborative Courses in 2013, many FemTechNet participants have developed Key Learning Projects in collaboration across the network. New activities are in development too, but you may check out those that have been developed so far:

What is a Key Learning Project? Our intention is that these projects will have the most support from the FemTechNet Pedagogy Committee, and therefore will be easiest to access and easiest to collaborate around across nodal sites. Like everything in the DOCC 2013, these are buy-in: instructors will use them in their courses if and as best suits their students and learning objectives.

For examples of student projects in response to these and other assignments during the Beta classes and DOCC 2013, please see the Student Projects Gallery.

What about other Projects/Assignments? Any instructor can assign her/his/their own projects at any time.

Examples of Other Projects/Assignments

Annotated Readers: In the Spring 2013 Beta class, undergrad students at Pitzer and grad students in a digital pedagogies seminar at USC participated in two collaborative projects where the grad students produced annotated digital readers for undergrads, around the course themes Transformation (reading by Haraway, Lord, and da Costa) and Race (readings by Nakamura and Fernandez), using two authoring tools, Comment Press and Scalar.

Making: AJ Strout, Pitzer Beta Class, created a detailed record and a blog of the many in-class, hands-on “making” exercises that Pitzer students participated in during the Spring of 2013.

Conference: UCFemTechNet Conference, with UCSD (and other UC) grad student volunteers and day of panels and workshops: