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The FemTechNet Situated Critical Race + Media (SCR+M) Committee invites contributions for a collaborative and open Pedagogy Workbook, which is a work in progress. The goal of the workbook is to produce a collection of freely shared and open materials to help new and returning FemTechNet DOCC (Distributed Open Collaborative Course) instructors in tackling the difficult job of teaching race, gender, and technology.

We understand that for junior scholars the labor of developing one’s pedagogy is extensive. For women of color junior teacher-scholars, experimentation in the classroom can be a risk, even though their institutions encourage and exhort them to practice digital pedagogy or to teach online. Because these same institutions often offer little support to develop these skills, we are leveraging the collective intelligence and experience of the FemTechNet network to cohere a practical resource for those who endeavor to share and support others, and those who seek to learn and improve their own skills.

The workbook is a resource built in Scalar, a digital publishing platform with a robust infrastructure to support a range of different media. The committee members will curate and highlight the existing transnational and multi-ethnic projects created by nodal instructors and their students, while also pointing to projects done elsewhere. These will serve as examples for experimentation, remixing, and improving, and also create opportunities for mentorship and collaboration.

By thinking through this workbook, we want to also consider the ways that FTN can interface with other allies and partners in ethnic studies and communities of color. In doing so, we consider the work of FemTechNet as thinking, writing, theorizing, and building partnerships through the intersectionalities of feminist studies and ethnic studies. Considering transnationality through a race-based and ethnic studies lens highlights the importance of community-based learning and service in feminist digital pedagogies. This is a collaborative, living document and will grow as more instructors teach at the intersections of gender, race, and technology.

We encourage the submission of syllabi, assignments, in-class activities, sample student work, references, resources, primary texts, lesson plans, etc. Please also submit a introduction to your submission that contextualizes and frames the course/activity/etc., discusses the time commitment, the necessary prerequisite knowledge/skills, how it was successful, and how it might be improved. Submissions do not need to be limited to experienced FemTechNet instructors. If you have taught courses or units on gender, race, and technology, we would love to learn more about how you teach it and how others might learn from your experience.

Submissions are ongoing and can be sent to Please include your contact information, relevant biographical information, term taught, and institution or context. All submissions will be cited with links back to the original author.


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