Site-specific resources

If you’re curious about how some of the sites you use handle online harassment issues, browse through these informational resources and terms of use conditions directly from the sites themselves.

The Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women (OCTEVAW) and the Purple Sisters Youth Advisory committee have developed Tech Without Violence, a set of resources to help prevent, respond to and support individuals experiencing online gender-based violence or harassment—known as cyberviolence.They have site-specific strategies for dating apps and social media platforms as well as some excellent online safety tips.

Ello: Blocking and Reporting

Phhhoto: Community Guidelines

Phhhoto: Can I block people from following my account?

Twitch: How to File a User Report

Twitch: Rules of Conduct

IRCCloud: How to report abuse

IRCCloud: Privacy on IRC

4chan: Rules

Wikipedia: Harassment

Wikipedia: Cyberbullying

Wikipedia: Wikibullying

Wikipedia: Responding to threats of harm

Wikipedia: No personal attacks

Wikipedia: General background on risks for women on Wikipedia and the Internet

Wikipedia: Arbitration Committee

YouTube: Harassment and cyberbullying

Paypal: How to report identity theft