self-directed learners

Welcome! What is a Self-Directed Learner? A self-directed learner is a participant in a Distributed Open Collaborative Course (DOCC) who is not formally enrolled in or teaching a current course but who wants to engage with some focus, and even participation, in the DOCC. Unlike a MOOC, you will not be receiving knowledge from a DOCC, but rather, participating in designing and directing your own experience with DOCC materials and with other participants.

A number of courses were offered in the Fall of 2015; see the list here for what is currently going on.

One thing we learned last year was that we need to improve access to publications, on- and off-line. To that end, one student assembled a list of resources related to open access and accessibility. FemTechNet is committed to these principles, and we will continue to work toward them.Penny Boyer has written a great guide to getting a node started. She also pulled together reading materials from various syllabi that you are welcome to consult.

We also add topical links to the FemTechNet Flipboard Digest. That’s a great way to get an overview of many issues that interest us across the network.