Domestic Violence 101

Katie McLennan

My goal with this project was to make a short and accessible video to educate the general public or new social services volunteers about some Domestic Violence basics (what it is, what it looks like, what not to say, how to help.) By creating a 7-minute video, I believe I’ve made an accessible piece of technology because people can easily watch the whole thing in a short period of time. I’ve uploaded it to YouTube, making it accessible to millions of people. I hardly use my YouTube channel, but I understand that by putting it out to the world wide web I am opening it up to be used and shared by anyone for any purpose.

As an identified social justice activist, I’m proud to have been able to make this video even if the film quality isn’t up to my perfectionist standards. I’m proud to have a tool at my disposal that I can share, and that is concise, accurate, simple and accessible. This class has helped me to be more open to working with technologies I’m unfamiliar with. It has helped me to be aware of the ways I need to monitor my own privacy, security and self-representation through technology and it has given me a way to further my social justice agenda through the use of multiple technologies.

Katie McLennan is graduating from the University of Washington in Seattle with a double major in Anthropology and Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies. She enjoys playing guitar and gardening, and spends an inordinate amount of time caring for and rescuing animals. Her ambition is to be a force in creating a more compassionate and equitable world.

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