Expanding A Network of Accessible Feminist Technology Information

Verónica Pelayo and Mina Tari

Our project is three short podcasts introducing different security measures for users to increase personal security when browsing the net. The three technologies are Safe Shepherd, Trace My Shadow, and Account Killer. We discussed the benefits of using these technologies, as well as easy to understand definitions of how they work. As two very enthusiastic activists, we felt that we had created something that was going to be helpful to a population that may be in more need of privacy and security education and protection. Having been learning about the excessive data mining and security violations throughout the quarter, we were feeling the wariness in relying on our technology. Being able to take back some of that control through the technology we covered allowed us to feel a bit safer and less at the mercy of the institution. We only hope that others, possibly using our project results, would be able to feel the same way in the future!

Safe Shepard


Trace My Shadow


Account Killer


Mina Tari is an Informatics and Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies student at the University of Washington. Her academic endeavors focus on increasing accessibility of technological education for intersectional identities. She often applies gender theory to Informatics research, critically analyzing practices and suggesting more inclusive techniques.

Verónica Pelayo is an intersectional feminist, activist, and artist. She has a B.A. in Drama and Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies from the University of Washington.

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