DOCC 2014 Summer Workshop

Come to the FemTechNet DOCC 2014 Summer Workshop!
Dates: Mon Jun 9 – Thurs. Jun 13

In fall 2013, FemTechNet, a coalition of feminist scholars and teachers, launched its first DOCC: Distributed Open Collaborative Course (DOCC). An explicitly feminist response to trends in teaching and technology (including MOOCs), the decentralized approach to technology and pedagogy puts participants in dialogue with one another and fosters multi-directional learning relationships. Much of the distributed work for this project was done over a one-week summer workshop in July 2013; over this week, we also built personal connections that have sustained us as we have worked together throughout the year.

SNAP DOCC 2013 Workshop Anne & Alex

From Jun 9-13 FemTechNet will host a second Summer Workshop. This 4-day multi-site gathering will bring together feminist scholars working in the areas of digital pedagogies, STEAM, cultural studies and much more. The “work” of the workshop will be primarily focused on the planning of DOCC 2014-15, but will also include collaborations on more broadly focused topics, generated by the priorities identified by workshop participants. Interested scholars and teachers are welcome to join us in the following locations:

Santa Monica, CA – hosted by Liz Losh (UCSD)
Ann Arbor, MI – hosted by Lisa Nakamura (UMich)
New York City, NY – hosted by Anne Balsamo, T.L. Cowan & Veronica Paredes (New School)

Other face-to-face locations may emerge as participants register.
Participants are also invited to join online – platform for online meetings TBD.

There is no registration fee. If you would like to be considered for one of our (limited) travel scholarships, please let us know!

For more information about the DOCC 2014 summer workshop, email  femtechnet.workshop (at) gmail (dot) com.