town hall meetings 2014-2015

As part of our 2014-15 Collaborations in Feminism & Technology programming, FemTechNet has hosted two online Town Hall meetings. These two Town Hall meetings are an opportunity for FemTechNet to gather — students, faculty, interested community members — and to consider two key issues: 1. Building International Collaborations and Online Feminist Networks, and 2. the relationship between Open Learning and Feminist Praxis.


Contact T.L. Cowan, Chair of FemTechNet’s Pedagogy Committee (cowant AT

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Town Hall 1 – Feminist Digital Media Praxis & Safety/Risk

Facilitators: Tara Conley, Jade Davis, Alexandra Juhasz and Veronica Paredes

Tuesday Nov 25 3-4:30 EST (noon-1:30 PST)

Register by sending email to cowant AT subject line – Safety. Please write a 1 or 2-sentence description of why you want to participate.


Town Hall 2 – Building International Collaborations through Online Feminist Networks: FemTechNet and the I Never Ask For It movement.

Date and Time:

Tuesday, Dec 16 8:30am, Bangalore, India.

Monday, Dec. 15th at 10pm EST (7pm PST).

90 mins.


Radhika Gajjala

Jasmeen Patheja – contact: jasmeen.patheja AT

T.L. Cowan – contact: cowant AT

In this Town Hall meeting, Radhika Gajjala, Jasmeen Patheja and T.L. Cowan will discuss a potential collaboration between the “I Never Ask For It” transnational anti-violence campaign, which Patheja coordinates, and FemTechNet, which Cowan helps to direct. We will consider how cyberfeminist practice can help us build collaborations across difference, but also how digital collaborations can obscure non-equitable distribution of resources and the global hierarchies at play in this kind of work. We will push on the hierarchies within international feminist collaborations, discuss a tiered process and action plan and brainstorm strategies with Town Hall participants for building a trans-local and transnational anti-violence movement.

Please email Jasmeen Patheja or T.L. Cowan to register with Subject Line “Town Hall.”

For information about I Never Ask For It:

Live-tweeting or to post a question: #INeverAskForIt #FTNTownHall


Town Hall 3 – Online Feminism and Safety

Date & Time: TBA; details are being worked out now (November 2014)


Town Hall 3 – Open Learning as Feminist Praxis [planned for early 2015]

 Date & Time: 90 mins. TBA


Penelope Boyer – contact: penelope AT

Andrea Rehn – contact Arehn AT

Feminist educators have long been committed to open learning projects (even before the Internet!) and eliminating systemic access barriers to education. Today, digital and mobile technologies offer increased possibilities for open learning, while also posing new problems of access, and economic questions about labor and profit. In this Town Hall meeting, Penelope Boyer and Andrea Rehn will facilitate a discussion prompted by the following Guiding Questions:

  1. What can Feminist Praxis bring to Open Learning projects?
  2. What happens when Open Learning is not informed by feminist and other social justice principles?
  3. What can academia-based feminism learn from Open Learning projects?
  4. What are some examples of Feminist Open Learning projects (including but not limited to FemTechNet’s DOCC)?
  5. How can FemTechNet’s DOCC build *sustainably* as an Open Learning project? What does ‘openness’ mean in this context?

Live-tweeting or to post a question: #FTNTownHall

You can drop in, or register with the facilitators. Don’t hesitate to write with a question or topic you would like to discuss during this Town Hall meeting. Please use subject line “Town Hall.”

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